Types & Styles

Regular Envelopes Regular Envelopes Diagonal, center, or side seam construction with a closed face. An envelope is open side when it's flap opens on the long dimension. If the flap opens on the short dimension, it's termed open end.
Window Envelopes Window Envelopes Permit enclosure materials to show through. These envelopes are commonly used for invoices or promotional mailings. Second windows are effective in displaying illustrations to gain viewer interest.
Business Reply Mail Business Reply Mail Usually 6 3/4 or 9 in size and are printed in special format as required by the USPS. Business Reply Mail Permits are obtained at the Post Office. The permit holder guarantees payment of First Class postage and fees on all returns.
Booklet Envelopes Booklet Envelopes Side seams and open on long dimension. These are ideal for promotional efforts when maximum advertising space is desired. They can be produced with windows and can be designed for machine insertion. Booklets are available in a variety of sizes.
Large Open End (catalog) Envelopes Large Open End (catalog) Envelopes Used to mail catalogs, merchandise and other bulk items. Wide center or side seams and heavily gummed flaps ensure maximum protection. May be made from various Kraft papers. Lightweight Tyvek is an option. The First Class diamond border makes sure the USPS gives you First Class Treatment.
Wallet Flap Envelopes Wallet Flap Envelopes Deep square flap that allows the mailer extra space to print promotion/order information on or underneath the flap, saving additional insert expenses. Sturdy side seam construction of this envelope makes it useful for bulk enclosures (order forms, checks, questionnaires, etc.).
Bangtail Envelopes Bangtail Envelopes Versatile return style formats. The tear off inner flap panel may be used as an order form, coupon/mini billboard to promote merchandise or special response solicitation. Extra advantages may be realized by added perfs, double inner panels.
Metal Clasp / String & Button Envelopes Metal Clasp / String & Button Envelopes Sturdy construction makes them useful for filing or mailing bulky enclosures. Both may be opened and closed many times. In many cases Double Envelope's Doublestik, Press-N-Seal and Press-N-Reseal are excellent alternatives to metal clasps.
Baronial Envelopes Baronial Envelopes A more formal, open-sided envelope with a deep, pointed flap. They are often used for invitations, greeting cards and announcements. A more traditional choice, baronial envelopes are usually offered in white, natural and cream shades only.
Coin Envelopes Coin Envelopes Also known as Drive-in Banking Envelopes, they are just one item in Double Envelope's complete banking specialty envelope line. Two pockets allow separation of receipts, bills and coins. Available with latex gum.
Two-Way Mailers Two-Way Mailers An all-in-one response envelope, uniquely connecting all elements of a mailing package - carrier, message/order form, and reply envelope. These can be supplied folded, personalized, and ready for the mail stream. Or with carrier flap extended with remoistenable gum spots for prior-to-mail insert and info placement. Available in many sizes and flap configurations.
Tyvek Envelopes Tyvek Envelopes Come in a wide array of styles and sizes to suit virtually every need. They can also be custom-designed. So you can get the exceptional strength and durability of Tyvek® in a style that fits your needs precisely.
Bind-In Return Envelopes Bind-In Return Envelopes Available in die cut and seamless styles to be used as magazine or catalog order form inserts. These are a specialty of our Convertagraphics Division.
Photo Packaging Specialties Photo Packaging Specialties Custom designed to fit the demands of a vast and ever changing photo finishing industry. Our ability to personalize these products with state of the art imaging equipment allows us the flexibility in providing you with full service wholesale and retail Photo Packaging.
Peel-N-Seal Label Envelopes Peel-N-Seal Label Envelopes Double Envelope provides a wide variety or pressure sensitive and static cling label products which include piggybacks, address label sheets, decals, activation labels, EDP, laser and thermal labels. The combination of a pressure sensitive label affixed to the envelope format of your choice draws special attention or creates involvement by the recipient.

How It's Done

How It Is Done