• Our in-house art design using the newest technology offers unlimited possibilities
  • Our diverse machine group offers a wide range of products
  • Our ability to utilize the resources of all of our facilities allows us to meet rush delivery requests
  • 24 to 48 hour proof processing
  • Our fully staffed art department is always available to assist in the development of new customer products



Double Envelope provides envelopes of virtually any size, construction and paper substrate your needs might require. We can provide both standard and custom-size envelopes in quantities ranging from just a few cartons to multiple millions. Your Double Envelope specialist can help determine the perfect envelope to meet your unique needs:

  • Diagonal Seam
  • Side Seam (both die cut and web)
  • Commercial, Booklet, Catalog, Baronial, Announcement, Coin, Expansion, Packaging…you name it!
  • Specialty Envelopes
  • Custom Designed Envelopes…designed to fit your specific needs and/or maximize throughput on your inserting equipment

We are also able to provide a full range of printing options, including:

  • Standard Flexo
  • Enhanced and 4-Color Process Flexo
  • Jet Offset (both 2 and 4 color)
  • Flat Sheet Litho

Our constant attention to detail ensures that everything about your order will always meet and exceed  your or your client’s expectations…from our standard-setting manufacturing and print quality right down to the packaging (for example, our unique recyclable flat pack and recyclable pallets).

Whatever your need, Double Envelope is ready to partner with your company to provide the perfect envelope solution for your needs. Contact Us now to request a quote or to find an Envelope Specialist.